Speake Marin, an independent Swiss watchmaker based in Geneva, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Founded in 2002 by a London-born watchmaker and then acquired in 2012 by an ambitious and ardent female entrepreneur, Christelle Rosnoblet, the brand is distinguished by a blend of boldness, style and passion. Expressing sophisticated modern style, the resulting timepieces are resolutely powerful examples of “Belle Horlogerie”.

In 2012, Christelle Rosnoblet became the owner of the company and one of the only independent women in the watch industry. Driven by a resolutely entrepreneurial attitude and a determination to break free of existing watchmaking codes, she offers a new approach to reading the time. In parallel, Christelle strives to offer impeccably crafted timepieces while preserving their strong personality and independent spirit. As an independent company, Speake Marin enjoys creative freedom and agility in its decision-making. It can thus allow itself to be daring both technically and aesthetically on behalf of enthusiasts looking for off-the-beaten-track watchmaking and to the delight of the most discerning collectors. Vividly embodying the inimitable Speake Marin style, the collection’s bold, contemporary models are recognisable at first glance.


The first timepiece to bear the Speake Marin name was a hand-crafted tourbillon pocket watch – the Foundation watch – which became a landmark in all collections.

The shape of the Foundation’s hands and the hand-tool motif of the tourbillon cage can be found in many Speake Marin creations today.


An encounter between English daring and Swiss expertise, the Maison demonstrates a rich creative vein that celebrates the successful merging of design and Haute Horlogerie. The brand’s watchmaking reputation – which, 20 years after its launch, remains as strong as ever – began with the distinctive Piccadilly case featuring a sophisticated balance between its robust lugs and its slim circular shape. A small seconds display between 1 and 2 o’clock reinforces this identity and represents a remarkable signature from both stylistic and horological standpoints. Presented in 2021 and bearing the name of London’s famous financial district, the “La City” case features a square within a circle or a circle within a square: it’s all a matter of perspective. This new epitome of calculated boldness radiates a resolutely contemporary look.



Speake Marin timepieces are developed, assembled and controlled in a fine watchmaking workshop called “Le Cercle des Horlogers”, which is based in the Neuchâtel area, Switzerland. Mrs Christelle Rosnoblet, Speake Marin CEO and Owner, started to invest in “Le Cercle des Horlogers” in 2014, which is specialized in Haute Horlogerie movement research & development.

The objective was then to acquire the resources to control the development of all Speake Marin watches, and consequently to:
– Be independent in terms of movements sourcing
– Define the Speake Marin movement quality standard
– Fully execute Speake Marin creativity.

In 2020, Mrs Christelle Rosnoblet became shareholder of “Le Cercle des Horlogers”, which gives Speake Marin access to a first-class fine watchmaking workshop in terms of movement creations and watch production tool.

At SPEAKE MARIN, watchmaking is not merely a skill; it is an art form. Our master artisans infuse passion and expertise into every intricate detail of our watches, crafting each piece as a unique expression of artistry. From the delicate balance of complications to the intricate hand-finishing of movements, we create horological marvels that transcend generations


Le Cercle des Horlogers counts indeed a wide team of engineers, designers and watchmakers who are able to create a watch from A to Z. The location is essential as the workshop relies on a large network of fine watchmaking experts and suppliers nearby.

As of today, no less than eight Speake Marin movements have been designed and developed for Speake-Marin at Le Cercle des Horlogers: SMA01, SMA02, SMA03, SMA05, SMA-HH02, SMA-HH06.

Speake Marin also has its own creation studio based in Geneva, which cooperates closely with the CDH development team on every single creation: dial, case or movement.


Speake Marin is committed to create “Belle Horlogerie” – Beautiful timepieces – in the respect of Swiss fine watchmaking heritage.

All its collections are proposed in Limited editions only.

All its collections are nestled In-house/or Exceptional Movements.

All Speake Marin creations are Exclusive to Speake Marin.

Besides, Speake Marin is aware of the 21st century challenge from an environmental and social perspective, and is keen to maximize its efforts to decrease its carbon foot print, and develop its social impact positively.