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Cast your mind back to the 19th century and a book-lined room of a gentlemen's club in London, filled with all manner of exotic objects. In this erudite environment providing answers to most of the world's conundrums, enigmas and riddles, there was one place that guarded its secrets very closely: the Cabinet des Mystères.


Carefully calculated power trains, gear ratios, metallurgical compositions: Mechanical timepieces are usually very logical instruments. However, dispensing with the constraints of cold logic allows more space for art to flourish and it’s here you will find the Speake-Marin Mechanical Art collection. These models will cause you to think, feel and reflect.

Fine Art

Speake-Marin wristwatches serve as the perfect canvas for Peter Speake-Marin and invited artists to demonstrate the full extent of their craft and their unbounded imaginations. Fine Art Pieces harness a variety of creative disciplines to create works of art for the wrist.